I’m Back :D

Actually this is not the first time I’m on this blog -.-
I was on this blog when I was in Senior High School, but I’m off and deactive the blog (when I was in 3rd grade) because of at that time I always opened my blog then.. yeah like I said, I decided to deactive my blog so I could focus with my study ._.
Then I was back again when I graduated from Senior High School and I had accepted in university. I started to write again, to make new blog. Yeah and I made it.
But sadly ;( I had to deactive again my blog because of ‘something’.. Huaaa.. I really sad ’bout this. Because I lost all of my writing that I’ve ever made ;(

But now, I’m back.. 😀
This time I’m gonna be serious with my blog..
I’m not gonna deactive my blog again, I promise.. 😀

Wish Allah bless me 🙂 Amin 🙂


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