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         Today is Friday. I’m not go to campus because today is Easter Day and it means that today is free (•ˆ⌣ˆ•). I’m not celebrate it. Well, 3 days more left before final test (˘.˘”ƪ). I should prepare for this final test. Hmm, but now I’m online (˘.˘”ƪ), yeah I’m wrong. But wait, I’m online doesn’t mean I’m not study yet. I study, but now I’m bored and wanna talk to someone but yeah I don’t have someone to talk to, so I go online and write (ˆoˆʃƪ).

By the way, talking about study. I’m now thinking what would I be in the next 5 years or 10 years. Never crossed before in my mind to be a dentist, I want to be an obstetricians. But it seems like God has given me the way to enter dentistry program. And yeah now I’m in dentistry program. I believe what God has given to me is always the best for the present and the future. So I can accept the fact that I should enter dentistry program (•ˆ⌣ˆ•)  So I have new plan for my future, this is my plan :
1.        I want to have a dentist degree when I turn 21 years old, Amin. I really wish I could finish my dentistry program only 5 years.
2.      I want fluent in English, Spanish and German. Yeah, my mother language is Indonesia.
3.      I want to continue my college in UI or UGM or UNAIR. I want so badly go to that campus.
4.      I want to have a piano.
5.      I want to have my own library like this picture, so classic :3


6.      I want to have a husband … *I don’t have my criteria for my future husband yet, so I don’t wanna talk about this*
7.       I want to make my parents proud of me for all the things I’ve done (•ˆ⌣ˆ•)
8.      I want to go abroad, my first place I want to visit is London, and then Mekkah.      
I think that’s all enough that cross in my mind. I don’t have much time to dig up my mind because I should continue my study. Now my mind has fresh. See you next post. By the way, sorry if my English so mess up because I’m not fluent in English and I’m still studying to improve my English.
Quotes of the day : “you can kill the dreamer, but never can kill the dream” –Anonymous
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