How can be like this?

(Photo taken from google)

How can be like this? Never imagined before that college would be this hard. No, I’m not complaining the lecture, knowledge that I got or attitude which ethics and politeness upheld. I’m just complaining for the togetherness that I never get. I feel like yeah, they’re individual. How can be like this? Is this my fault cause I’m seldom associate with other people? Well, firstly I’m an introvert so I don’t like talking too much with people that extrovert. And Secondly, I don’t like the way they’re acting cause I think too much drama on their acts. I write this cause I want to share my feeling right now. I just hope that this feeling won’t last till I graduate. Fyuh, can’t imagine if I always feeling like this, I would be such a lonely woman, naudzubillah.

Quote of the day : “Trying and trying, no matter how hard it is. Till one day, you can reach all your dreams”
Hope : God, please guide me on every steps that I take :).


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