#2 Life

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It has been 8 months 9 days passed. This year really such amazing year. There’re things happen for no reason, yet I found so many miracles around my life. Sad to know that I’ve lost some of my boy friends, they’ve graduated from their college and they would work on another city 😥 . I had so much problems, and alhamdulillah now I can survive from that problems, even though there’re still problems left. Yeah that’s life, for life is nothing without problems, right ? I always try to be patient when things go wrong, always believe that no matter how hard I live my life, there’s always happiness in the end.
I’m suck live on this place, I really want to move on to another country. I’m bored with people around me (except my family). This is one of my problems, and I can’t resolve it. I have like such a bad mood condition when I met some people because I know that they’re just want to have friends that they’re like. I’m not beautiful, I’m not smart and I’m not rich, and I feel like it’s hard to have a good place on their eyes. But yeah, once again I say that I always try to be patient, because I know I’m not gonna meet them forever, I always believe that someday I’m gonna move to the place I wanted so bad and it means that I’m not gonna meet them anymore 🙂 mhehehe..
            So far I live on this year, I found so many lessons, and it makes me stronger. The lessons, which I found from my problems. Now I’m not afraid for all the things that would happen tomorrow, cause I know Allah will guide me on every steps that I take, and I believe that Allah will not give problems to me that I can’t resolve it. That’s just like christopher robin said 🙂
Quote of the day : tomorrow is a mystery. So do things what you want to do and do it maximally cause you don’t know if you are still alive tomorrow – Me, 2012.

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