KSBF 2014

 (Foto diambil dari google)
Kalimantan Selatan Book Fair (KSBF) is the first book fair that held in Banjarmasin. The event started at 1st February until 9th February 2014. Yesterday was the opening of the book fair that opened by the Governor of Kalimantan Selatan H. Rudy Ariffin. I came at the opening but a little bit late so I did not see Mr. Rudy Ariffin opened the event. It was the first time I attended Book Fair and I was so excited.
The event was located in Sultan Suriansyah  Hall, so close with my home. When I arrived at that location I was a little bit shocked and thought “where’s the book fair?” then I entered the Hall and whoahhhhhh there were so much stands and the stands are full of the books. I was so excited >.< I visited all the stands and was feeling overwhelmed happy.
Most of the stands were selling the Islamic book and also children book. I like it. But it was a little bit far from my expectation. I was expected that there was such a stand from import bookstore like Periplus. And also I was expected that I would buy motivation book from west authors like Chicken Soup. But in the book fair I found nothing about motivation book 😥 I do not know if it was me that can not find the book or the book really not in sale 😥
After all it is okay that I did not find the book I wanted to buy. I was happy because there were so many visitors at KSBF, it proves that reading interest of citizens of Banjarmasin can be said as high. I hope in the future KSBF will have more stands than before and there are import bookstore that joining at KSBF 🙂 I am waiting for the next KSBF  🙂
P.S Congratulations for the successful of the opening KSBF 2014, even though the event not finished yet, I hope the number of visitors will always increase.

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