Happy Birthday for Me

27th of August, my age already turns to 20. Talking about age, I’m a little bit afraid that every day passed, I wasted the rest of my age. But until now, I don’t think that I’ve done something useful in my life. I’m afraid with the future and the problems I’m going to face. People said that life is nothing without problems so I could deal whatever the problems, InsyaAllah. But I’m not sure whether my soul would be strong enough to face the problems.

I’m tired of living on this temporary world. I’m tired. On this special day. I wish could be the one who will always put my religion first behind everything. I realized that my sins are too much and I want to get close to Allah, I want to enter Jannah.

I’ve grown up now. I want to be a girl with a warm heart, act calmly and talk politely. I want to make my parents proud of me, I want to make something useful to others. I want to work harder to pursue my dreams.

Ahhh~ Maybe I have so many wish lists. May Allah always blessed me and guided me to live on this world.


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