…the right men


X :  How do you know that you’ve found the right men to marry?

Y :  They will choose you because of the woman you are, because of how much your soul could affect and match theirs. They will always have respect for you because of their fear of Allah ‘Azzawajal. You will recognize yourself in them. They will be the male version of you. They will make the path to jannah look easier. They will make you fall in love with Allah subhana wa ta’ala. You will wish you had a son like them. When you find them, your heart will just know and feel at peace. They must be like a companion to you, who can learn from you, and support your visions, who inspires you and pushes you to do the best you can. You must both be a source of inspiration to each other. Many think love is only about romance. It’s not true. When things get tough, romance is not enough, you would like a friend, a reliable and best friend, a shoulder to rely on, to support you that is why friendship is really important in a relationship. In the beginning of a marriage, it’s pretty easy to feel in love, it’s new and exciting but give it a few years lol. Wallahi your physical beauty and all this romance will mean nothing, only true love could save your marriage. Don’t be in a hurry to look for a partner, when you are ready, Allah ‘Azzawajal will send you the right person under the right circumstances. I’m not saying that when you meet the right person it will be easy, no, I’m saying that if it’s the right person things will for sure be uneasy but it will be worth it whereas the wrong person will make it look easy but they will not be any progress. The right person is a blessing in disguise.

Source: http://islamicgirl.tumblr.com/


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